Regular attendance at school is essential for academic progress and is a state law. We ask that parents and guardians encourage good attendance and help their student(s) arrive by 8:05 am each day.


Repeated absences and tardies are reported to the LBL ESD attendance officer. Any student absence longer than 10 school days requires that the school withdraw that student from school, and the information is reported to the state.

Excusing an Absence

Parents/guardians are asked to call the school attendance line at 541-757-5987 by 8:15 am each day their student is absent or tardy. The attendance line can be reached 24 hours a day.  If the school has not received a message regarding an absence, the student will be reported as an unexcused absence.

  • When excusing your student’s absence, please include:
    • your name and relationship to the student
    • student’s full name
    • teacher’s name
    • date and time of the absence
    • reason for the absence
    • phone number where you can be reached

Students arriving after 8:05 am must check-in at the office and get a pass to class. A parent/guardian may call the school in advance or accompany the child into the office to give the reason for an excused or unexcused tardy. Parents/guardians may also pre-order lunch by phone if their child will be late.

Changing After-School Plans & Planning Absences

If there is a change from your student’s regular after school routine, a note must accompany your student to school or a phone call must be received by the office by 2 pm (1 pm on Fridays). We will NOT allow children to change their after school plans without written or verbal permission from the parent/guardian.

If someone other than a parent/guardian or designated emergency contact person is picking up a child, the school requires written permission from the parent or legal guardian.