Wildcat Park

This park is a great tribute to the community spirit and dedication of Corvallis citizens and businesses. Please honor that spirit by coming out and enjoying Wildcat Park!

In 1989, hundreds of volunteers came together to build Wildcat Park which featured a unique, extensive, wood “castle” on which generations of kids climbed, played, and laughed. Time eventually took its toll on the structure and for safety reasons, it had to be dismantled in 2005.

Not wanting to let such a unique park fade into memory, a volunteer steering committee reformed to rebuild Wildcat Park. In December 2006, Letitia Carson Elementary students and community members met with a representative from Leathers & Associates to design the park of their dreams. These ideas were incorporated into the final park design.

After raising $160,000 to complement the Corvallis School District’s contribution of $100,000, the park was ready to be built. In June 2007, approximately 1,000 volunteers came together over a 5 day period to rebuild Wildcat Park.